Ask Beet Buster and Blue Buster
I really like asking u questions but you don't reply to any of them whats going on

Long story short:

(1) I’ve been busier with school than I thought I’d be, sorry.

(2) My depression is acting up, so it’s hard to want to make believe when your brain keeps telling you that you’re worthless and no one likes you.

Sorry. I really will try to answer any/all question, but it’s not easy right now.


Yo!!! Ryuuji I got a question.... among the other 1/2 a million questions.... what type of music do you like? Jin... did you ever find a way to talk to tsubasa ? I know that he is on the same genius level as you are.... maybe you'll get help from him and get back to Ryuuji and the kids faster that way.

i dont think ryuuji listens to a lot of music anon-chan. i dont think he even own an ipod!!!!!

j actually did buy a pc w ryuujis money for tsubasa-chan, so i am going to settle myself there (i can do that now bc i am data) and try to figure out a way to contact him!!!! this way, i don’t have to hassle my poor ryuu-chan to do it.


for the kyouryuuger vs go-busters it looks like they just may by pass go-busters and go with zyuranger. yo!!! Ryuuji have you ever tried lloking for masato's data????? because you may just find it if you search. Jin have you talk to tsubasa ozu yet? also Jin what do you think of the kyouryuugers?


dont. even. go there. anon-chan.

and if toei doesnt give ma chance to see my family thru crossover magic, there will be words had!!!! the kyoryugers are pretty cool tho. that nossan is one funny dude. :)

ryuu-chan is not here, he is deal w j kidnapping tsubasa-chan again, lol. so i am answering the questions for awhile, lol lol lol.


Youku how is high school?

It’s going pretty well! ^_^ Ugh, I could do without the long days— but it’s way better than dealing with Enter’s ugly face! ^^V


Ryuuji tell me IF you could get Jin back would you? Would you actually search for him as if he did survive he would be data wouldn't he? because data like magic can't be totally deleted.

Yes, I would.

And I tried, almost obsessively, in those first terrible weeks after he died. I’ve had no luck, and… sempai wouldn’t want me to put everything on hold to keep looking for him. That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.


Yo!!! Jin why don't you go and see ozu tsubasa and ask him for help for getting back to the real world. he is the smartest one besides you.... Jin do you wish you could meet Ryuuji's parents?

ugh except that loser apparently doesnt even have a computer— ive managed to hack into j once or twice (not long enough to let him know im okay, just to look around ;;) and he’s planning to steal ryuuji’s credit card to buy tusbasa-chan a pc. that damn thief.

idk, anon-chan! i imagine theyre nice bc ryuuji is nice be he never really mentioned them. :( so i never asked, bc u never know what issues that might bring up!!!


Ryuuji do you.... how do I put this with out offending you.... do you ever spend time with your parents? or did you rather spend time with Jin more than at home?

It’s fine to ask about my parents. :) They’re art dealers, and thus do quite a bit of globe trotting. I’m not as close to them as I should be, due to that and certain objections concerning my career, but we exchange emails occasionally.

I didn’t live in Tokyo when I met sempai, so the majority of our correspondence was online. But I would not be surprised if I talked to him more than my parents— I was so thrilled that such a renowned engineer would even talk to me, I must have inundated him with emails. And yet he answered every one.

I miss him.


oh!!! that funny.... though I do feel sorry for Tsubasa because that he has to put up with J bugging him.... Ryuuji why don't you put J to seeing what else there could be in the subdemension and see if Jin's lab is still in tact.

I feel quite bad for Tsubasa-san myself. And yet I can’t bring myself to punish J too severely; after all, he only misses his buddy. I’ve made it quite clear that kidnapping is wrong, however, and I am certain that he understands.

I’ve… considered if sempai’s lab if intact, but I’m worried about wasting resources.

… I’m also worried that there really is nothing there, and it’s just another reminder that sempai is gone, forever.


Yo!!! Ryuuji why don't you go talk to ozu tsubasa mahout super sentai magiyellow... he has a personality like yours.

Ah, yes, about Tsubasa-san…

About a week ago, Miyuki-san had a restraining order placed on J for repeatedly kidnapping Tsubasa-san to be ‘the new Jin.’ I’ve tried telling him that won’t work, especially since in many ways Tsubasa-san is the exact opposite of sempai in personality, but he says he’ll never give up. :(

I must admit though, the resemblance is amazing.

(My hair’s better, though. —Tsubasa)

Ryuuji did Jin cuddle you a lot while he was in avatar state? Did Jin ever meet your parents?

Yes, we did. :) Sempai wouldn’t show his affectionate/vulnerable side a lot, but sometimes when we were alone, he’d crawl into me, and we’d relax and just be.

No, he didn’t, not even when I was younger. My relationship with my parents… complicated.